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Thank you for visiting Cico Electronics Co., Ltd.
The driving force that made possible 30 years of ceaseless challenges and transparent management by Cico Electronics was the collective efforts of members accomplishing their corporate and social duties based on reliance and spirit of service.

Bearing in mind that luck tends to favor the prepared and glory only comes to those who challenge, we are creating the future by challenging the world with our customers, contributing to the society, and making the best products and services with our people and technology.

The future of an enterprise is not predestined. There only is a path it makes in history.

Cico Electronics will steadfastly move forward to grow to be an advanced and leading enterprise with business philosophies of “Customer Comes First”, “Create the Future”, and “Service the Humanity” and by visualizing the achievement of 30 years of digital management with a sense of responsibility for becoming a frontier for a new world.
As such, we consider customer reliance founded on righteous management our highest regard to make Cico Electronics an enterprise that is not confounded under risks, but that has vigorous and healthy culture.

Righteous management is about keeping the promises.
Cico Electronics keep our promises to our customers and our society in our entire breadth of management, especially the products and services, to build up a profound reliance with our customers and be a trusted part of the community.

Our valued members of Cico Electronics,
And those who will be part of our cherished staff,
The management here at Cico Electronics understands well that it is the satisfied members of the executives and staff who can satisfy the customers.

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